Capacity building for SDI Implementation – A Danish Case Study

Henning Sten Hansen, Lise Schroeder, Line Hvingel, Jesper Skovdal Christiansen


Spatial Data Infrastructures have gained increasing awareness not only among researhers but also among executive level managers and politicians. Thus a well functioning spatial data infrastructure is seen as an important element in e-Government and online self-service systems. The adoption of the INSPIRE Directive has put spatial data infrastructure on the agendas of the parliaments around Europe and in many cases combined with national e-Government strategies. Although different approaches will prevail around Europe there is a need to assess the strategies in order to identify efficient solutions on common problems – often entitled best practices. The aim of the current paper has been to analyse the Danish approaches to SDI implementation, identifying innovative solutions as well as bottlenecks. Based on the research the paper ends up with some recommendations for SDI implementation in a collaborative environment.


e_Government, SDI implementation

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