Web services for spatial data exchange, schema transformation and validation as a prototypical implementation for the LPIS Quality Assurance

Stefan Wiemann, Lars Bernard, Piotr Wojda, Pavel Milenov, Valentina Sagris, Wim Devos


This article presents an SDI-based approach to implement selected web services within the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) Quality Assurance framework, according to the Commission Regulation 1122/2009. The Test Bed uses OGC conforming web services allowing for: (1) agricultural data transformation from national data schemas to the common LPIS Core Model, (2) transferring, validating and storing spatial and non-spatial observations of the quality inspections. The OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) interface specification is used as a basis to allow for interoperable accessing the schema transformation and content validation functionalities of the realised services. The implemented solutions demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed concepts and fit in with current INSPIRE activities.


SDI, Agricultural Policy, Geoprocessing Services, Schema Transformation, Content Validation

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